Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Terrible Two's

I think we are there. Daniel can be the sweetest cuddliest guy one second and in full on screaming tantrum mode the next. (guess which one I like better?) He is very opinionated on everything, ranging from what he wants to eat, to watch on tv or, to which pajamas he deems to be acceptable. I do my best to give him a couple of options any of which are fine with me to make him feel like he is in control a little bit. He has a few favorite books now that he has pretty much memorized and I can hear him sometimes in his crib reading them to himself. He is also talking up a storm. He repeats everything and is talking in full sentences. It is fun to be able to have real conversations with my baby boy! We do have a good time now that Daniel is a little older. Here is some video from a trip to the zoo we took this morning. He loves playing with the goats in the children's zoo, it has been a favorite of his since our first trip there almost a year ago. He also enjoyed watching the gorillas and the lions and tigers.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A playdate with Cousin Suzy

Daniel and Suzy had a playdate at one of Daniel's favorite play spots, the Treehouse Play Cafe in Chestnut Hill. They have such great toys and it is a nice place for the mommies to socialize as well. Here is a little peek at Daniel and Suzy trying to seesaw together, they may need to practice a little bit before they get this one down!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cousin Noah has arrived!!

Daniel's cousin Noah has arrived a little before we were expecting him. Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Steve were expecting Noah to arrive April 1 but he decided he just couldn't wait so January 15 Noah Michael Silver entered the world (sharing a birthday with Daniel's Aunt Francine!). He is super cute but since he will be residing in the NICU at Lankenau hospital until he is a little bit bigger Daniel will have to wait a little while to meet his newest cousin.