Monday, September 28, 2009

22 Months

My baby is really turning into a little boy now. We are getting closer and closer to the big 2nd birthday. Daniel has gotten very opinionated and bossy (no idea where that comes from!) His favorite things to play with these days are cars, buses, trains etc... He knows who drives which cars (we all know who is gets that from!) Anytime we drive in the car he yells BUS at the top of his lungs for every bus we pass, which in the city can be pretty frequent. He takes his little yellow school bus everywhere with him including his crib. We also still read a lot of books. He is starting to point out the objects in the books, especially the ones he knows the words for. Daniel is learning lots of new words and becoming very verbal. It is definitely helpful that Daniel can communicate his wants/needs better. Of course I now hear "mom, mom, mom, mom" all day long! He also has started calling me honey. It is so cute!
Now that football season is upon us our little fan has learned to yell GO EAGLES! The games mostly take place during nap time but he usually gets to see the first series and the end of the 4th quarter. We also had a great trip to the aquarium this month. Daniel very much enjoyed seeing all the "ishies". We also endured our first real childhood illness this month. Daniel had a nice little case of coxsackie virus (otherwise known as hand foot and mouth disease). He was clearly not feeling like himself but overall he took it like a champ.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dancing fool!

Daniel and Daddy dancing at cousin Logan's bar mitzvah!