Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome Joshua Samuel Serota

August 31 Daniel's newest cousin arrived. Daniel was a little shy around the baby at first but now he seems to be a little more interested. The funniest part is that for the past few weeks Daniel has been telling us that he has a baby in his belly just like Aunt Debra. Now that baby Joshua is here Daniel has decided that his baby has arrived as well. Daniel's baby is his nanny (blanket) all balled up. He carries it around and feeds it bottles. He also shushes me when his baby is sleeping!! Too cute:-)

Monday, August 30, 2010


August has been a busy month. Daniel is enjoying the last few weeks of camp at KI, we are hitting the beach as much as we can, Kyle is traveling a lot, and we are awaiting the arrival of baby Serota! Daniel is growing so quickly I just can't even believe it. His verbal skills never cease to amaze me. He talks all day long about everything. He likes to play make believe and his imagination is great. His favorite toys at the moment are cars, trains, trucks and Mr. Potato Head. He likes to watch movies (the same movie, over and over and over again). Right now we are enjoying Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in addition to our old favorite Cars. I pulled out the play doh in our backyard and Daniel had a good time making shapes with that! Too bad it is such a mess or we could bring it in the house. Daniel now knows that red means stop and green means go and he makes sure to narrate every car ride, telling me when to stop and go. He is super helpful:-)

Noah's first bus ride! Daniel enjoyed showing him the ropes
Daniel and his great aunt Ruthie playing in the ocean.

Daniel shared his Elmo bed with his cousin Noah. How cute is this??
Daniel is only worried that Noah's paci might fall out of his mouth!

Poppop Joe and Mommom Ev came to the beach to see Daniel jumping waves and eating strawberry fruit pops!
Tired baby!! Beach naps are the best:-)

Family date night in Ocean City with the Eichenholz's. Daniel and Joshua had a fabulous time on the rides.
Riding the zoo train with Mommom
The baby giraffe at the zoo is only 5 weeks old. How cute!

Daniel on the slide at the bouncy place. He had so much fun, it was a blast to watch.

Daniel and Noah having fun at the MOMS club end of summer picnic!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Maryland bound

The last weekend in July found us heading South to Ocean City Maryland to visit Zehda and Meemaw. We planned well since it turned out GG was going to be there also. And then we got the exciting news that the Connecticut clan was going to head down as well. It was an awesome weekend. Daniel had a blast running around with his big cousins and riding the rides with Trevor. The bumper boats were hysterical (see the video below!)

I think Daniel's favorite part of the weekend was the water slide at the hotel the cousins were staying at. I would not be exaggerating to say he must have done it 100 times! Daniel also got to drive Zehda's boat which is always exciting although after all the excitement he needed a nap! We also celebrated GG's birthday, it was a bit early but with so many great grandchildren together we embraced the opportunity for cake!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Summer Fun

This summer has been crazy hot! So where better to spend our days than the pool or the beach. We have had playdates in our backyard, outings to mommy's pool and weekends down the shore.

Since cousin Suzy enjoyed her day at the beach so much last summer we invited her to join us again. She brought her mom and dad Aunt Francine and Uncle Gabe. We had a fun day playing in the ocean and digging in the sand followed up with a delicious BBQ thanks to Mommom.

Daniel is becoming an expert egg chef after practicing Wednesday mornings with Poppop. He hasn't quite mastered the flip the omelet in air trick like Poppop though!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Daniel rides PATCO

Anyone who knows Daniel knows that he loves trains and all forms of transportation. We have been wanting to take Daniel on a train ride somewhere locally and this week due to a canceled golf game Poppop suggested a Wednesday adventure. We first took the 17 bus to 8th and Market. There we hopped on the PATCO train to New Jersey. Daniel was so excited to be riding on Thomas (his words, not mine!). We rode across the Ben Franklin Bridge and got off the train in Collingswood NJ. There we walked up Haddon Avenue and had lunch at the Pop Shop, a soda fountain that specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches. We had a nice lunch and Daniel even got a balloon from the waitress. Then we headed back for another train ride back to Philadelphia and a walk through Rittenhouse Square back to Mommom and Poppop's house for a long nap. Daniel had such a great time and can't wait for his next train ride (R5 from Elkin's Park maybe?)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Weekend

We had a super busy July 4th weekend. We spent the first half of the weekend at home. The highlight was a backyard playdate with cousin Suzy and Aunt Francine and Uncle Gabe. The kids had a great time splashing and sliding and we all enjoyed our pizza dinner.

We spent the second half of the weekend down the shore. We headed to Linwood for Sunday brunch on the 4th. Daniel had a great time on the putting green with his Poppop and Uncle Jason (see the video!) We then spent the afternoon on the beach, playing in the ocean and of course a visit from the ice cream man. Daniel didn't want to be dripped on so he convinced his Uncle Jason to be his official popsicle holder! We headed up to the boardwalk at sunset to check out the Margate fireworks display. Daniel thought those were pretty cool. Monday morning we swam in the pool at Granny's before lunch and the trip home. A great weekend and fun with all his aunts and uncles!