Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beach Baby Daniel

We have made several ventures down the shore so far. Memorial Day weekend Daniel and I headed down Saturday morning and were joined there on Sunday by Kyle. Daniel had a great time on the beach, he loved playing at the edge of the (very very cold) ocean and digging in the sand. We also had a good time just playing in the backyard blowing bubbles and splashing in the baby pool. Sunday evening we went to the boardwalk in Ocean City for the rides. After Daniel screamed on the carousel at the zoo I wasn't too sure this was a great idea but Daniel LOVED the rides. Since most of the kiddie rides are vehicles (car, boat, fire truck etc...) with steering wheels that go around in a circle Daniel was in heaven. Every time it came around to where I was standing he would look at me and scream CAR!!! So cute. I'm sure it was only the first of many trips to the rides for us. Seems like Daniel takes after his mommy and is a total beach baby!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

18 months

We have reached the halfway mark of Daniel's second year. He has developed quite the little personality. Although he says a lot of words they do kind of all sound alike. He understands everything though. His comprehension amazes me all the time. Just like his mom and dad he is also quite opinionated. He is not shy about saying no when he doesn't like something. We are still working on saying yes. His favorite toys right now are cars, trucks and balls. He likes to put things he has collected in the back of his truck and push it around the house. Now that the weather is nice we have been trying to get out more. Daniel doesn't always like new places but he is starting to get used to checking out new things. We are in a funny place now with napping. He really only needs one nap a day but he has a hard time making it through the morning with a little rest. It works out ok if we are heading out somewhere but when we are hanging out at home he really needs a little snooze. The problem is that if he actually takes a morning nap he then doesn't really nap in the afternoon which means by dinnertime he is a total mess! I'm sure that soon he will have the new nap schedule worked out and things will be easier.