Friday, August 28, 2009

21 Months

August has flown by! Daniel's language skills are really starting to pick up. He is saying new words every day. Mostly imitating me (guess I better be a little more careful!) He is still being pretty difficult with food although it seems to vary from day to day what he will and won't eat. Luckily he is back to eating fruit at least some of the time. His favorite food right now is crackers with peanut butter. Luckily that is an easy meal that travels well. Daniel has been working hard on his jumping skills. He likes to jump over small things or off of low steps. However, he also wants to try more daring acts like jumping into the pool over and over again. Oy! This month we took an overnight trip to Connecticut for cousin Logan's Bar Mitzvah. Daniel had a great time playing with all his big cousins but the excitement of the hotel room meant not much sleep for any of us! Hopefully we can go visit again soon. We spent the other weekends down the shore playing in the ocean. Daniel is going to miss his beach weekends once Labor Day hits. Aunt Francine and cousin Suzy came for a day trip in the beginning of the month. Daniel was happy to show his cousin how to dip her toes in the ocean. He even let me hold her for a few minutes! We visited with Aunt Ruth and Uncle David when they were down the shore and then spent the weekend with all the women in the family the weekend of Aunt Debra's bachelorette party. The last week in August GG came to visit. Daniel had a great time playing with his great grandmother! What a lucky boy. Daniel and Kyle drove GG down to Ocean City Maryland for the weekend so that I could spend a weekend on Cape Cod with my girlfriends. It was the longest I have been away from him! We had a great reunion when I returned. So we have had a busy fun summer, now we are looking forward to fall.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I am pretty sure I would have been in big trouble for pouring water on my mother but being a mommom has turned her into a big softie!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ocean City Maryland

This weekend we took a trip to Maryland to visit Zehda and Grandma Judy. We enjoyed Daniel's first boat ride, he even got to drive! We also hit up the boardwalk for some rides and dinner. Daniel also really enjoyed helping his Zehda feed the ducks and geese at the pond. We had a nice time visiting and can't wait to come back again.