Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daniel's new cousin

Daniel's new cousin arrived February 27. Avi Broches Wylen the son of Jeremy and Alys Wylen is Daniel's 2nd cousin. The boys are only about 11 weeks apart so we are excited to have them grow up together. Avi's bris was March 5 and my mom was able to get a few pictures of the boys together. Avi looks like he is almost as big as Daniel already even though he is 3 months older!

February and March

So things did not continue as expected starting with February 1. Daniel and I went out to run some errands and when we got home I took a freak fall in our driveway. Just an awkward step and the next thing I knew I had completely dislocated my knee. The ambulance took us to Elkins Park Hospital but we quickly determined that I needed to be at a trauma center and we were transferred to Albert Einstein Hospital. Dr. Chaudry my vascular surgeon had me in the OR for many hours repairing the popliteal artery which I had torn in order to save my leg. So far I am still here in the hospital recovering from that. After I am released from here I will have to come back and have my knee repaired as I tore several ligaments. After that I will be hopefully back to normal (or close to it).

Daniel has been doing great. He is staying with his Mommom and Poppop while I am in the hospital. They have been getting assistance from many members of the family, most especially his Aunt's Rebecca and Debra who sleep over often to get up in the middle of the night and let Mommom sleep. He is getting so big I can't even believe it. Luckily we are able to have Daniel come visit me every day. He is better than the medicine. He is playing with toys now and can pick up toys all by himself. I hear that he really enjoys hanging out on his activity mat at home. Daniel is very strong and likes to stand up (assisted still at this point) all the time. He also has started scooting himself around in the crib.